February 24, 2010

A day for imaginary letters: Dear Aurelia Protogenia and Aurelia Quintilla, you are not forgotten. Dear hinterland: yes, the metropolis is still aware of its obligations. Sometimes. Dear Saipua, thank you for the awesome clippers.

Listening: J. Tillman, Above All Men.


2 Responses to “18.”

  1. amy m. Says:

    I’m so happy you had a good time at Flower School. I wish I could take a class one of these days!

    You should totally stop by and say hi one weekend. And a living in- Lawrence of Arabia sounds awesome. Like so awesome.

    • Thanks, Amy! The class was such fun, although I don’t even want to think about the dent it made in my budget. I hope you do get to take one at some point. I’ll stop by for fun just as soon as I can figure out a way to get there that doesn’t take an hour and a half…

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